Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Baking Haul

Last night i decided to nip off to centre: MK (Milton Keynes) to grab a present for a birthday on Sunday While i was there i had to have a look inTK Maxx as they are top notch on big brands, small prices. I ust wanted to see if there was any bargains. And to my suprise there was.

I nabbed these two muffin trays for £5.99 each! One was a 12 cup by Viners (very good make) it would have cost me £21.00 and the other muffin tray is also a 12 cup by Optium and should have been £15.99.

Next i got some Wilton 12 disposable icing bags £3.99 when i could have brought them for £5.99.

Ikeia isn't too far from the shopping centre and i needed to pick a mixing bowl up. I got this rather large bowl for £9.19!

I also picked up a pipng bag with 6 nozzles with a couple of other bits for £10.
So, it was a good shopping trip with lots of bargains. : D

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