Monday, 28 March 2011

My first order!

Yesterday was the day where i showed off my baking talent for the first time...EVER! and with great reviews too. The occasion was a 40th birthday, so i wanted to make a cake extra special.
I decided on making a giant cupcake with lots of smaller ones around it.

For the giant cupcake mixture, i used  normal vanilla sponge with pink buttercream icing in the middle and on top. For the decoration i indivdually cut each marsmellow and dipped the middle in pink sugar sparkles to give it that extra wow factor. And this is what it came out as

For the regular cupcakes i used the same vanilla sponge mix for 24 cakes and the next 24 cupcakes i made a mandarin sponge mix and used the left over juice from the tin in the icing. toped with chocolate shards Mmmmm. Everyone loved the cakes, especially the mandarin ones. So watch this space..

1 comment:

  1. hey!!! I loved the giant one.
    Congrats for your blog. Well done!!!
    It will be a pleasure to follow you.
    a big huge!!